Policies 2019-2020

Al-Ansar Islamic Saturday School Parent Handbook 2018-2019


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Dear Parents,

We are pleased you have chosen AlAnsar Islamic Saturday School to expose your child to the Islamic educational experience.

The School’s hours            9:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. sharp

-To run our school efficiently, all students should arrive and be picked up on time.  Students who arrive late miss out on a lot of instruction in class and disrupt the class while entering.  Parents have to stop by the office and get the tardy slip before taking their children to their class if they come late.

– School finishes at 3:00 p.m. sharp.  Please pick up your child from his/her class on time.  There will be a late pick-up fee of one dollar per minute after 3:05 p.m. (no exception please under any circumstances.)

-No student is allowed to leave the class under any circumstances even though he/she is a teenager.  Parents are strongly required to pick up their children from their classes (no exception under any circumstances.)

The Tuition:

$73 a month first child and $68 a month for each of the rest of siblings (brothers and sisters) included pizza on the last Saturday of the month.

Books fee: $65 for each child in Pre-school, Kindergarten, and First Grade/// $90 for each child in second grade and up  (one time, non-refundable, due on the registration day).

The tuition and the pizza money $3 are due on the first Saturday morning of the month that is included in the tuition.  There will be a $10 late fee charge per student for any tuition paid after the first Saturday of the month.

The April , May Tuition, pizza fee , and $20 for the Graduation ceremony should be paid in the beginning of April

The Food:

*School will sell snacks like chips, juice, fruit roll, …….etc for students.  Each one is $1.

*The last Saturday of every month is the pizza day.  Students can buy two slices of pizza and juice for $3. The $3 must be paid with the monthly tuition.

The Parking: All parents must park in the back parking lot of the Masjid when they drop off their children and pick them up.

 The Dress code:

Students are required to wear modest clothes.

Boys have to wear long pants.

Girls in the first grade and up are required to wear Hijabs during the school’s hours.

Also, no nail polish for all ages.

Shoes with wheels or high heels are not allowed. Also, sandals and open shoes are not allowed under any circumstances. Only closed shoes are allowed.

Hats and hoodies are not allowed in the school.

Boys are not allowed to wear necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

All electronic stuff like walkman, CD player, game boy, cell phone, and cameras are not allowed in the school under any circumstances.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are not allowed in the school.  In case of emergency, student can call his/her parents from the school office.  If any student has a cell phone he/she has to give it to the school office during the school hours.  If any cell phone is found with any student, the teachers and the principal have the right to take the cell phone from the student. Parents have to come to the office to get it and they have to sign an agreement to not send it with his child anymore.

Behavior policy

Students must behave in the school and follow direction. If any child misbehave, we will take the following steps: 1- call the parents, 2- have a meeting with the parents, 3- suspend the student from school


This year 2019-2020 we will have three holidays:  The Thanksgiving Nov 30, 2019, the winter break Dec 28, 2019, and the spring break March 21, 2020. 

The graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony will be held on Saturday: April 18, 2020  from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Parents are required to pay $20 per student with the April tuition to cover part of the expenses of the graduation ceremony.

The graduation clothes for your child will be provided by the school if we have enough, otherwise parents must get their children the clothes.

The last day of school is Saturday: May 23,2020.

See you inshallah on September 12, 2020 for the school year 2020-2021