Faculty 2019-2020

Principal Ghalia Keftaro 

AlAnsar Saturday School Principal 

Principal Ghalia has been a pillar in the Orange County community since 1996. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Math in 1992. She earned psychology and childhood development degree  in 1994. She earned her Ejaza in reciting the Holy Quran from Sheik Muheb Fueda in 2013. She earned her Ejaza in teaching Al-Noorania in 2017. She earned 60 college units in Computer Operating systems and Advanced English classes. She earned a certificate in Administrative Assistant from Anaheim College in 2010. She volunteered in the American public schools for 10 years.  . She has been teaching Math, English, Arabic, Islamic Studies,  and the Holy Quran in Tajweed since 1992. She began teaching at Al-Ansar Islamic Saturday School in 1997, and has been the Principal there since 2005.  


Principal Assistant Manal Beituni


  • Over Ten Years of Teaching Experience for Preschool Classes

  • Organized, Creative and Energetic

  • Contribute to Building a Child’s Self-Esteem, Comforting Them, and Providing an Enriching Environment for Learning and Growth

Professional Experience Al-Ansar Preschool Teacher                                                                              2002-2011

  • Description: Effectively managed a weekday classroom of 15 to 20 Preschool aged children. Produced a monthly lesson plan including learning in both English and Arabic, including numbers, letters and new songs. Introduced children to interpersonal skills. Bridged the gap between parent and teacher relationships in order to provide continuity in a student’s learning environment. 

Al-Ansar Saturday School Teacher                                    2007-2009, 2013-Present

  • Description: Provided weekend students with a curriculum, which included learning and writing the Arabic alphabet through engaging diagrams and coloring books. Students were also taught the basics of Islamic beliefs and practices.

Nada Saturday School Assistant                                                    2000-2005

  • Description: Assisted various teachers with students. Duties included spending individual time with each student, ensuring they understand the basics of Arabic language.

EducationSchool of Continued Education        Anaheim, CA

  • Certificate of Early Childhood Education

  • Completed Coursework in ELS Classes (Advanced Low)

 Al-Noorania and the Holy Quran Teahcer: Ragda Alhawatmeh

Quran Teacher
Islamic Institute of Orange County, Anaheim, CA
Jan 2018 – present
Teaching and assisting students in Hifz and providing instructions on proper Tajweed and Ahkaam in reading of the Holy Quran.
Quran Teacher and Accreditor
The Conservation of the Holy Quran Society, Amman, Jordan
2008 – 2017
Giving Students Ijazah, along with teaching and assisting students in Hifz, and providing instructions on proper Tajweed and Ahkam in reading of the Holy Quran.
Nutrition Teacher
Noor AL Hussain High School, Irbid, Jordan
Teaching students the essentials of nutrition as a course material.
Nutrition Teacher
Khadijah High School, Irbid, Jordan
2013 – 2015
Princess Basmah Hospital, Irbid, Jordan
2010 – 2011
2 Ragda Alhawatmeh
Phone (909)222-0786 – Email ragdha2017@gmail.com
Providing consultations and preparing nutritional treatment plans for patients to follow both in the hospital and outside.
Princess Rayah Hospital, Irbid, Jordan
2007 – 2009
Nutrition Teacher
EF Academy, Al Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Princess Bada’a Hospital, Irbid, Jordan
1999 – 2001

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Nutrition and Food Technology
Jordan University of Science and Technology, Ramtha, Jordan.
June 1999.

Hold Ijazaha in Hafs bin Aasim, and 6 Ijazaha in other qira’at,
In addition to other certificates.

The Pre-School Teacher: Mrs. Safaa Sharaf. 

Preschool Teacher in  Al Ansar Saturday School               

Since September 2013 to present                                                                                                  

 Preschool Assistant Teacher in Al Ansar Saturday School          Dec. 2011- May 2013

Dietitian in Armed Forces Hospital in Egypt                                   Sep. 1998 – Jul. 2006

English High Level teaching in elementary school in Egypt           Sep.1995 –  1998

Cultivation teaching in junior high school in Egypt                      Sep. 1993 – 1995 

Al-Ansar Saturday School — Anaheim, CA

▪ Teach preschooler Quran, Islamic Studies and Arabic

▪ Encourage students to utilize team work

▪Engage students’ interest by implementing arts and crafts workshop

▪ Communicate with parents on educational and social development of child

Dietitian  Sept.1998- Jul. 2006 Armed Forces Hospital—Alexandria, Egypt

▪ Supervised nutritional intake of patients based on individual’s health

▪ Processed incoming shipments of food to ensure freshness and quality

▪ Managed hospital cooks to make certain ingredients used meet standards of the health of the patients


B.S. in Agriculture (1993)

Alexandria University: Faculty of Agriculture—Alexandria, Egypt

Early Childhood Development class: NOCCCD,CA in process

1 -Early Childhood Development ( 2 units)

2- Child Health and Safety ( 2 units)

3- Introduction to Curriculum  ( 2 units)

4 -Program Science and Math ( 2 units

5- Infant – Toddler care ( 3 units)

Power Point Computer class. Access, CA                                        Sep.2014

The Jewelry Beading class. Access, CA                                          May.2014

Mental Health Paraprofessional Training class, Access, CA                 Nov.2013

Child Care Home Licensing Training class, Access, CA                      Nov.2013

ISNA Conference attendance.CA                                             Jan.2013,2014,2015

SCALTC Conference attendance.CA                                       Jan.2014, 2015, 2016


Preschool teaching experience for 5 years

▪ Managerial role for 8 years

▪ Ability to communicate tasks effectively

▪ Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point

▪ Fast learner and hard worker

▪ Dependable and motivated to produce best work

▪ Fluent in English and Arabic

The Preschool Teacher Assistant: Mrs. Angham A. Al Khaled


The Kindergarten Teacher: Mrs. Neveen Amin.

7143911068 | neva_emee@yahoo.com
-Bachelors Physical Education

   Helwan University Cairo, Egypt


– IBM Diploma in Multimedia & Graphics  Programming session , HTML, Java Script. Multimedia session, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Image Ready, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, and  Macromedia Director MX.

-I have my certification in both CPR and First Aid with a clean background check. I have also taken several classes in Early Childhood Development.






Skills & Abilities

 Computer Skills: Excellent Usage of Microsoft office (word, Out Look, Exile) and Internet. Good knowledge about computer hardware. Provided excellent customer service since 2013 to present. Great team worker. Responsible and punctual.


Graphic Designer and customer service

In Prestige magazine

2007 to 2010

Arabic teacher in Al Ansar Saturday School


Volunteer in Al Ansar Academe school and public school.


2011 to present



2011 to 2014



The Kindergarten teacher assistant: Mrs. Eman Elborno


The First Grade Teacher: Mrs. Farah Sabri.

Mrs. Farah Sabri has been teaching at AlAnsar Islamic Saturday School since 2011.

Teacher Farah Sabri earned a diploma in Islamic Education from the American Open University in Washington in April 2001 with an accumulative score of 91.38%. Courses ranged from Tafseer and its Sciences to Rhetoric and Philology. She has taught at Al-Ansar Tutoring School for the school year 2001-2002 and at Al-Ansar Saturday School for 2007-2008. Teacher Farah has Memorized many Juz’ of Al Quran with tajweed. Furthermore, to better understand the needs of children, she has completed many courses for the certification in Childhood Development. She earned her Ejaza in teaching Al-Noorania in 2017.Teacher Farah is highly skilled in crafting and drawing. Besides Arabic and English, she is fluent in French.

The First Grade teacher assistant Miss Iman Abdeh (Volunteer)

The Second Grade Teacher: Mrs. Amal Al-Badri

Teacher Amal Kamel earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1996 from Egypt. She started teaching at AlAnsar Islamic Saturday School since 2007. She earned Master degree in Islamic education & reciting the Holy Quran with Tajweed from Institute of Islamic Dou’ah in 2005 from Egypt.  She completed 3 unites in the introduction to child care careers in 2008 from USA. She has been tutoring Arabic & reciting the Holy Quran with Tajweed for children (6 years old & up) since 2006 in USA.  She has been teaching the Holy Quran with Tajweed, Arabic, and Islamic studies at Al- Ansar Saturday School since 2007.  She has many skills such as: Painting, Crafts, and Art works.

The Second Grade teacher assistant: Nada Kassar




The Third Grade Teacher: Mrs. Hanan  Labanieh


Damascus University,Syria1990 

Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering


MasjidRahman,Syria                             2009 – 2012Teacher–          Demonstrated the knowledge of memorizing the Quran verses–          Designed coherent instruction with learning activities of the Quran for elementary school children–         

Developed unit plans in a way that is clear and allowed different learning styles–         

Assessed student learning congruent with instructional goals–          Developed clear criteria for assessment of students
Private Tutor, Syria                                            2005 – 2012–         

Tutored children with math, Arabic, English, and Islamic Studies–         

Delivered individual tutoring plans upon review of students’ academic needs–         

Created and maintained an outside network to direct students–          Maintained student records and ensured its confidentiality–          Researched and recommended learning materials, textbooks, software and equipment to facilitate tutoring–         

Designed and prepared specific handout, study and related course materials–          Participated in and successfully completed tutor training sessions

The Fourth Grade Teacher: Mrs.Rihab Yousef

Teacher Rihab earned her degree in Nursing from Jerusalem, Palestine. She has been teaching Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies since the early 1990s.  She previously taught at Orange Crescent School and the ISOC Weekend School and has worked with students of various levels and backgrounds. Teacher Rihab recently earned certification in Child Development and is currently taking courses in Tajweed.

The Fifth Grades Teacher: Mrs. Fatima Al-Zghoul

She  immigrated to the United States in 1989. She earned her Associate’s degree in Arabic language from Ajloun College located in Jordan. She also studied English and computer skills in Cypress College. She has been teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies for the upper levels at Al-Ansar Islamic Saturday  School since  2002.  She has been teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies  since the 1990’s. She taught Arabic and Quran in Torrance, California for two years. She also taught Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies at Al-Ansar daily Islamic school for five years.