Mrs. Hanan Labaneih

Al-Ansar Islamic Saturday School

Homeroom teacher: Mrs. Hanan Labanieh

The Third Grade


Dear Parents,

I am so glad and honored to be the teacher of your child this year. In addition, I am so pleased to welcome you and your child to my classroom this year 2014-2015. I have earned my bachelor degree in civil engineering from Damascus University, Syria in 1990. Then, I have completed the work of Ijazah of the Holy Quran with Tajweed in 2008. In addition, I have worked as a Quran teacher in two mosques in Damascus, Syria (Okba bin Nafe’e and Al Rahman Mosque) for more than four years. Moreover, I have worked as a tutor in different subjects such as Arabic, Math, English, and Islamic studies for more than seven years in Damascus, Syria. Furthermore, I have completed 38 Unites in Cypress College, U.S.A. in English, CIS, and Math with grade A.  In fact, I am going to do my best in order to make the materials easier and smoother for all of my dearest students. My goal is to improve their uneven level in Arabic as well as the Holy Quran. For example, I am going to give every student an extra work, which is different from one another that fits his/ her capability in order to get out his/her full potential every Saturday.

My great volunteers:

     1-Mrs. Nour Al Saidi

     2-Heba Labanieh

My classroom rules:

  1. Students are expected to follow the class rules.
  2. For the safety of your child, students have to take permission for leaving the classroom for any reason.
  3. Students aren’t suppose  to distract others during the class period by talking, shouting, or asking unrelated questions.
  4. For your child safety,  Students, especially boys, must not proceed to the classroom before the teacher, after the Zuhr Prayer
  5. Dear parents, for your children interest, please help them in doing their homework because they are expected to do their full homework whether or not they attend the class. You can get the homework from our school website.
  6. In order to help your children to be more organized and responsible, students who forget to bring one or more of their main school supplies such as (books, binder, or notebook) have to write down the surah and the Arabic lesson five each.L
  7. For the interest of your children, students who do not finish one or more of their homework have to write down the missing part five times.L

Rewarding the students                                                                                       

  • Students who participate during the class period will be awarded a ticket or more depending on the times of their participation.
  • Students who memorize the assigned Quran verses will be awarded one, three, or five tickets depending on their memorization quality and quantity.
  • A small prize would exchange every 25 tickets.
  • Candy, sticker, or simple prize will award students who memorize well a full surah in Tajweed.
  •  Ten tickets will award students who do all prayers in a week.
  • Treasure box will award the good students during the whole month.

Logical consequences when class rules are broken:

  1. Colored warning cards (yellow, orange, and red).
  2. Time out on the thinking chair.
  3. Time off recess.
  4. Office reference.
  5. Parent contact.

The Homework Policy:

  •             All students will get a copy of the assigned homework every Saturday.
  •             Homework is posted on the school website; therefore, there is no excuse to not finish it whether or not your child attends the class session.
  •             Finally, please encourage your children to do the prayers according to prayers’ times, and let them color the back of the homework after doing each prayer).

Contact the teacher:

            If you have any question or concern, please feel free to contact the teacher at the end of the school day at 2:30 p.m.


«««Important Notice«

If you feel that my class rules are somehow strict, I am very sorry; however, believe me I love my students and I want the goodness for you as well as your children. I am a mother too and have three children. From my experience, I found out that pushing children to do what we feel it is good for them, needs some patience and some amount of cajole as well as intimidate.


The Third Grade one-day program

  1. The first period of the day is Islamic Studies; it is taught by Mrs. FatimaAlzghol.
  2. The second period of the day is the Holy Quran. We start the period by delivering the Islamic greeting (assalamu alaikom), then we start reviewing the previous surahs. After that, I correct the due verses of the day for each student individually. In order to motivate my students, I usually distribute either tickets or simple prizes for students who memorize the due verses, and I encourage others to memorize or review the due verses of the Holy Quran while I correct for the rest. In addition, I encourage the students, who missed to write the due part of the surah at home to write it down for practicing the unique Quran writing, by giving the students tickets. Some students who attend daily Islamic schools, memorize one or more surahs from our curriculum. Therefore, I assigned them another surah for their interest. At the time of the Azan, we respect it and listen together, then we say the after azan dua’a.
  3. At 12:00p.m we take the break downstairs in the multipurpose room. It is time for having lunch and play simple games.
  4. At 12:30, we started the Arabic lesson. In fact, I have prepared each lesson by using the Microsoft power point program. Actually inserting nice related pictures is so important to display the material in an attractive way. The Arabic class will be more interesting, and the information will settle in the students’ brain easier. In addition, students will pay more attention to the eye catching pictures and will connect them with their names such as home furniture, food, fruits and so on.
  5. At 1:00p.m. We head to the Masjid to perform Al-Zuhr prayer.
  6. At 1:30p.m. We come back to the class to correct the Arabic exercises. Then, it is the time for dictation. Students who are not prepared for dictation have to practice it ten times while we are doing it. Next, I collect the papers, correct them at home, and bring them next Saturday.
  7. At the end of the day, before we dismiss at 2:30, I give prizes for eligible students.